IRS Transcript Delivery and Reporting… with Automatic Daily Alerts

Obtain unlimited IRS Transcripts for multiple clients in seconds

Utilizing your IRS e-services account, a big amount of transcripts are directly imported in seconds into PitBullTax Software for multiple clients and can be branded with your own logo and further customized to address your firm’s needs.

Automatic Daily Alerts

Obtain automatic email/system notifications of important changes affecting your client’s account even before the IRS places the notices in the mail! You’ll receive automatic alerts regarding filed/rejected/accepted Offers in Compromise, Bankruptcy filings, FTLs (Federal Tax Liens), Levies, Tax Court Petitions and much more.

Transcript data integrated into each Client Profile

The transcript data will be seamlessly integrated into each Client’s Profile, various software tools and applicable IRS forms. You can even print out or email detailed Transcripts Reports and Analyses to your clients.

Create concise reports for a variety of purposes

The application will instantly analyze transcript data and create easy-to-read reports including:

  • -Current tax Liabilities
  • -Penalties & Interest
  • -Filed/Unfiled Tax Returns
  • -Federal Tax Liens
  • -Collection Status
  • -Estimated Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) Calculations
  • -Estimated Earliest Dates for Bankruptcy Dischargeability
  • -First Time Penalty Abatement Eligibility
  • -Account Transcript Summary
  • -Payment Summary

Customizable Alerts feature

Customize exactly the changes you want to be alerted on with the customizable alerts feature.

Requests in bulk

You are able to request transcripts, schedule alerts, transcripts, and CAF checks in bulk for all or some of your clients at the same time.