Why PitBullTax Institute?

Turn Your Passion for Taxes into a Lucrative Specialty

PitBullTax Institute is accredited by the Internal Revenue Service and by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) to be a Continuing Education Provider.

At PitBullTax Institute we offer tax professionals who are involved in IRS Tax Resolution and those who plan on practicing in this lucrative specialty a wide variety of courses to deal with the complexity of cases found in every-day practice. PitBullTax Institute is designed to take you to the next level utilizing our cutting-edge technology.

For your convenience we offer our courses in different formats. Whether it be live conferences, online group study (webinars) or self-study, you will not only obtain CPE/CE credits, but more importantly learn all our proprietary tools to solve your cases efficiently and profitably.

PitBullTax Institute has been created by a dedicated team of professionals with over 100 years of combined successful IRS collection resolution and information technology applications experience. Our instructors have many years of actual case experience in in tax resolution. Their goal is not only to provide you with tax resolution knowledge, but also to demonstrate the exact ways of automating your practice to make it more efficient and profitable. With their expertise and experience, every minute will be invaluable.


Among other topics at PitBullTax Institute you will be able to create and evaluate various tax resolution strategies, learn how to prepare and present cases to the collection and appeals divisions of the Internal Revenue Service. You will learn how to prepare a Collection Information Statement, learn when each form is needed, and study the most frequent resolutions in dealing with IRS problems: Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement (and identify which type is best for your client) and Currently Not Collectible Status. You will also learn how to retrieve IRS Transcripts through online E-Services account and how to analyze them, determine eligibility for First Time Penalty Abatement and bankruptcy, know how to structure your fees, and prepare an engagement letter for a client, among many other useful tasks and techniques.

With our courses you will learn how to respond faster, develop deeper ties with your clients utilizing our cloud-based technology, a High Tech High Touch approach.

At PitBullTax Institute you’ll obtain tax resolution knowledge and confidence in utilizing our proprietary technological innovations and automation strategies.

PitBullTax Institute Is an Approved Continuing Education Provider by IRS & NASBA