See what our past attendees say

See what our past attendees say

Testimonial This was ONE, of TWO, of the most professionally organized and delivered presentations I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Irina was insanely well organized totally calm/collected/understandable for the whole of the three days. And Will's presentation of the use of using the Case Management & Billing Add-on, was excellent as well. I am actually "excited" about applying what I learned in managing a Resolution situation I have been working on for several months now...which has particularly "bogged-down" under all the absurdities which have been going for the past two years. AND, I got a referral-call the day AFTER the workshop requesting help with another Resolution issue. My son, who has been working with me for the past 23 years (since he was 10 years old) has recently taken over the tax prep side of the business. About two years ago we brought on an assistant whose focus is on taking care of the books for our clients. And over the past several years I have been developing Business Records Systems (with Charts of Accounts designed following the Income/expense layouts of the specific tax forms used by the clients). This package includes Hard Copy/Digital Copy receipt retention and organization, set up in the same "order" as they appear on those same tax forms. The system also includes something I call an "Expenses Accounts Card"...a laminated card slightly smaller than a playing card, that owners/employees can carry in their wallet, to enable them to properly classify EACH receipt, right at the register as they pay "expenses", daily. I have designed, and presented Training Systems for all of this. ALL of the Book Keeping has been taken over by our assistant, Misty, and Josh has taken over 99% of the Tax Prep Services. And I am developing-out more professional-looking Training Programs on the keeping of the books, to include the "whys" of doing so meticulously, which offer 3-day sessions on HOW to use QuickBooks in the day-to-day executions of keeping the Books "current", real-time. What I have learned, these past three days, is going to bring MUCH MORE value to our clients going forward. The training we do has ALWAYS provided IRS cross-references related to EACH and every expense they claim. NOW, we will be able to cross-reference, even further, information related to what the IRS says EXPLICITLY about the proper organization and retention of their business records. And WHY! Thanks, again. Please keep up this excellent work. Looking forward to attending the more "Advanced" presentation, as well as to engaging with your company in our Tax Resolution efforts.

Jim Edwards

Testimonial Wow! In only 3 days, Jamie, Irina & William presented a "master class" of relevant tax resolution matters, hands-on software application using case studies, an open-floor discussion for participants' cases, a walk-through presentation all the software features, 30-day full software practice license, the workshop recording, CPE & new colleagues to work with!

Patricia Gentile

Testimonial I came mainly to learn PitBull’s functionality but was pleasantly surprised at the content of both technical issues and usage of the program. I’m excited to attend the Advanced Training. I’ll feel much more confident using the software when I get back to the office!

Bob Jablonsky

Testimonial Class is super motivating. I regret I did not take it before. For any practice it is a must have, fantastic.

Nivaldo Izquierdo

Testimonial I used the program for several years, but on an adhoc basis. Did not realize it had such powerful features. Will be using it with greater focus going forward.

Orley Cameron

Testimonial PitBullTax is an amazing software! It is very user friendly. Staff are very knowledgeable & helpful!

Caitlynn Ledet

Testimonial Very well informed!

Cody Moore

Testimonial Really enjoyed the course!

Michael Dunlap

Testimonial Irina is superb at presenting the subject. She is knowledgeable and well-skilled in the art of tax resolution. Occasionally I was not able to follow what was on the screen with the course material. Irina's practical, real-world experience with tax resolution gives us plenty of research material that is reliable and easy to understand. I love the fact that she is working on her cases and influencing the refinement of the Pitbull program at the same time.

Ralph Nelson

Testimonial Awesome presentation & training. Excellent!

Latre Afeikhobe

Testimonial The program was fantastic.

Brian Brady

Testimonial It was great! It refreshed a lot of my old memory plus I learned a lot about changes that have been made since my last resolution case 5 years ago! Thanks a Bunch for offering this seminar!

Helen Grissett

Testimonial It was great! Thanks

Reba Shipley

Testimonial Fantastic workshop!! Lots of GREAT information - both on Tax Resolution and the Software

Daniel Cotts

Testimonial Very effective presentation

Charles Myrick

Testimonial The workshop was very informative. I enjoyed the content and the format especially the case studies.

Teresa Peete

Testimonial As someone newly stepping into this line of work, I found this workshop to be fully packed with helpful information that will allow me to get a jump start in my career. Being a young person in this workshop, I was able to see into what people who have been doing this for years are going through and learning how to attack certain issues based on others experiences.

Matthew Corrado

Testimonial Great workshop I loved it even though I’ve been using PitBull for many years I learn many new things which was great.

Edeler Cuadra

Testimonial I really enjoyed the 30day session. Gained a lot of valuable insight and confidence.

Charlene Davis

Testimonial Amazing presentation done by Irina, super helpful to understand the software capabilities.

Ramon Ortega

Testimonial So much information. But also, so relevant. One day was more useful than ten years of Government training.

Andrew Bussom

Testimonial Irina was outstanding!

Billy Malone

Testimonial It's apparent that Irina knows her stuff. Very impressed with her. knowledge and professionalism.

Michael Strauber

Testimonial First time in seminar provided by Irina. What an educator! Thoroughly enjoyable. Cudos to Irina!!!!

Thomas Cunningham

Testimonial Irina is a fabulous presenter. Engaging, smart, energetic and patient!

Daniel Tirone

Testimonial Loved the Case Studies.... learned so much from these!

Valerie Underwood

Testimonial These instructors have provided us with so much needed training to both instantly up our resolution game both technically with the software but also related to IRS procedures, instruction, and IRM education. I will be returning for the advanced level! Thank you!

Noel Canon

Testimonial It was well organized and very informative, Irina always does an excellent job.

Denis Gaither

Testimonial Instructors Jaime, Irina and William were all very informative on tax law and procedures, as well as the navigation of the platform PitBullTax.

Joe Shen

Testimonial Very Helpful course

Sherri Wills

Testimonial I did a demo of this software a few years ago and had to learn the software on my own. I got done what I needed to do. This class is full of information that is vital to tax resolution professionals. I am excited to know that my investment was well worth the while and look forward to a continuous working relationship with PitBull. Currently, I need to work on my credentials to maximize the use of your product, but I expect that to be resolved soon. Thanks to your team for all that I have seen and thanks Mr Buchwald for your for sight into Pitbull.

Ernest Adams

Testimonial Terrific Sessions!!

Robert Olsen

Testimonial This workshop was excellent. Irena is a skilled instructor with an amazing ability to communicate and educate this subject- all the more impressive that English is not her first language. I bought Pitbull awhile ago but never would have utilized it appropriately without this instruction. The course is a concise blend of theory and practice and would highly recommend it for anyone interested in delving into the world of tax resolution!

Melanie Castillo

Testimonial Excellent I really enjoyed it.

Surely Molina

Testimonial Great Course!

Richard Cordes

Testimonial Irina showed exceptional knowledge in the tax resolution field. Her stamina in the long hours of classes was unbelievable. She took time to explain every facet of Pitbull to every person in the class. Also, Mr. Jamie's presentation on Trust Fund penalties was fascinating and brilliant. I am so happy I signed up for this course! Thank you all!

Thomas Brady

Testimonial A good basic introduction to using Pitbull software to manage tax resolution cases effectively.

Ray J Bulaon

Testimonial I enjoyed the real-life cases. I would like to see a couple more cases worked out by the students, they are fun and engaging.

Nicolas Pancaro

Testimonial Very good class.

Julie Franklin

Testimonial I enjoyed the class very much. I can’t wait to attend the advanced course.

Cesar Munoz

Testimonial I like everything about it.

Eddy Fernezan

Testimonial Enjoyed it thoroughly, will be back next month for part 2.

Carol Flathers

Testimonial It was best. Especially like good business practice and real-life application examples.

Linda Sheldon

Testimonial Always outstanding presentations! Great conference! Thank you!

Margarita Slavkova

Testimonial Great refresher for me & I learned a lot.

Katie Ross

Testimonial Great staff to learn from, very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

Shaun Smith

Testimonial Definitely all content was helpful. Not only am I more knowledgeable about the software, but regarding the resolution I did gain more confidence on what to do. My goal is to become an EA & I feel this program showed me that I do have the brain power to do so! Enjoyed the entire class!

Michelle Tweekbeeke

Testimonial PitBull is one of our favorite vendors! Their software is top notch. We couldn’t operate without it. Their customer service and training are of the highest level. Thank you, Irina, Jose, & Jamie!

Nancy Benet

Testimonial Everyone at PitBullTax is amazing. Glad to be a part of tax resolution services. With the support of them. See you in January for the Advanced class.

Monique VanWijingaerde

Testimonial Great.

Lisett Murch

Testimonial Excellent training! Irina is my hero!

David Hill

Testimonial Loved this seminar. I would like more seminars like this as I advance in my practice over the years.

Kelly Gwin

Testimonial Seminar very helpful for my bankruptcy practice.

Gail Donaldson

Testimonial Informative, educational seminar. Far exceeded my expectations. Instructors were experts on the subject matter and were willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Donna Smith

Testimonial Best one yet. Small group the way to go.

Bryon Garrety

Testimonial Awesome!! Like school but better.

Monica Morgan

Testimonial This in house smaller hands-on training was absolutely phenomenal Irina is an awesome instructor very knowledgeable and friendly. Irina, Jamie, Bob, Will, Jose, Irina, Tyler, PitBull is top notch and so are all of you! Best workshop ever.

Crystal Cavanaugh