IRS Transcripts delivery and reporting...
with automatic daily alerts

The Smarter Way to Get IRS Transcripts for CPAs, EAs, Tax & Bankruptcy Attorneys,
Tax Preparers and Accounting Professionals


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Integrated Version

PitBullTax Software

Available as an integrated add-on in PitBullTax Software. All data from Account Transcripts flows directly to PitBullTax Software Forms and Tools. Requires purchase of PitBullTax Software license.

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Stand-alone Version

PitBullTax Transcripts

Works as stand-alone web-based application. This version does not require purchase of PitBullTax Software license

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Both versions have the SAME GREAT FEATURES:

Request IRS Transcripts in seconds using your e-Services account

Instantly Get Customizable IRS Transcripts Summary Reports
auto-generated for you, that include:

  • Earliest Dates for Bankruptcy Dischargeability
  • Current Tax Liabilities, Penalties & Interest
  • Collection Statute Expiration Date Calculations
  • First Time Penalty Abatement Eligibility
  • Compliance Information
  • Federal Tax Liens / Audit / Bankruptcy Indicators
  • Account Transcript Summary & Payment History
  • Civil Penalties

Receive Daily Email Alerts on important changes
on your clients' IRS accounts. Each licensee can further
customize what alerts they want to receive.


Request Bulk Transcripts/CAF Checks and Schedule Alerts/Transcripts/CAF Checks
for multiple clients at a time


Each Report Package can be Branded with your Own Logo

UNLIMITED IRS Transcripts/Reports

No More Pay-per-Period or Extra Fee
for Bankruptcy Dischargeability Report

Get PitBullTax Transcripts Today and Save BIG!

Our mission at PitBullTax has always been to make the tax resolution professionals’ life easier, more efficient and less stressful. And, of course, allow for managing more cases, making more money, all in the least amount of time possible.

Everything we do is always with this mission in mind. Creating cutting edge technology to do the work. This philosophy gave birth to PitBullTax Software Version 3.0. The Fastest, Smartest and Most Powerful IRS tax resolution software ever created. And the same innovative technology is now accessible to bankruptcy attorneys, tax preparers and accounting professionals through our new product, PitBullTax Transcripts.

With integrated IRS Transcripts Delivery and Reporting you are now able to work even more efficiently and stress free. But why stop there?! Wouldn’t it be nice to travel into the future of your IRS cases? Now you CAN!

To continue this experience, we created automatic daily alerts on important changes affecting your clients’ accounts. As we continue to push the technology boundaries we’ll always make sure that you’re the Top Dog in the IRS tax resolution arena!

When the IRS Attacks… Bite Back!

And this is how IRS Transcript Delivery and Reporting with Automatic Daily Alerts works. This feature allows you to easily obtain multiple IRS Transcripts for unlimited clients utilizing your IRS e-services account. The application will instantaneously analyze transcript data and in just few minutes create easy-to-read, concise and customizable reports for a variety of purposes, including: Current Tax Liabilities, Penalties & Interest, Filed/Unfiled Tax Returns, Federal Tax Liens, Collection Status, estimated Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) Calculations, estimated Earliest Dates for Bankruptcy Dischargeability, First Time Penalty Abatement Eligibility, Account Transcript and Payment Summary. For integrated version users, the transcript data will also be seamlessly integrated into each client's profile, various PitBullTax Software tools and applicable IRS Forms. You can present detailed transcript reports and analyses directly to your clients.

But that’s not all. PitBullTax has launched IRS Transcript Delivery and Reporting to next level by supercharging it with Automatic Daily Alerts. Now obtain automatic notifications of important changes affecting your clients’ accounts even weeks before the IRS notices are received in the mail! For example, if you're working on an Offer in Compromise, you'll be notified when: it has been received, terms were not met, corrected, accepted, withdrawn, removed or denied. You'll also receive automatic alerts regarding bankruptcies, liens, levies, tax court petitions, and much, much more. This notification feature will prove to be an invaluable representation tool, keeping you on top of your clients' cases and allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently. This revolutionary feature will streamline your cases like never before…Leaving you more time to handle more cases and of course generate more fees with ease!