Why PitBullTax?


Fact. The keys to successful and profitable representation before the IRS are up to date information, efficiency, thorough preparation and aggressive advocacy.

Created exclusively for Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents,
PitBullTax launches the winning combination of these factors in an unrivaled web based platform.

Whether you're an experienced IRS practitioner, new to this exciting specialty, or just solve the occasional IRS tax problem for your client, PitBullTax makes you the "go to expert" with these unique features and benefits.

Picture of PitBullTax's Step-by-Step Workflow

Immediately Know if Your Client is an OIC, IA or CNC Candidate

Simply input the requested information and PitBullTax Resolution Evaluation integrates applicable rules, IRS National, Regional, and Local Standards for every US county and performs all required calculations based on "Doubt to Collectibility", "Installment Agreement" and "Currently Not Collectible" criteria. No more tedious calculations and table lookups.

Speak with authority when your client asks "What do I qualify for?"

Picture of the Resolution Evaluation tool

Be a Hero. Expertly Negotiate the Best Resolution for Your Client

If your client is a candidate for an Offer in Compromise, Great! PitBullTax software will help you obtain the very best settlement by walking you through the process by providing you with "PitBull Tips" along the way. These exact tips took years to develop and have saved actual resolution clients millions in IRS taxes, penalties and interest.

What if your client is not a candidate for an Offer in Compromise? No problem. PitBullTax software will automatically select between actual expenses and IRS standards depending on which resolution you select. Switch back and forth between resolution strategies and PitBullTax software will automatically recalculate using a proprietary matrix encompassing the rules for Streamlined, 6 Year Full Pay, 1 Year Rule, Full Pay Over Remaining Statute Installment Agreements, Partial Pay Installment Agreements and Currently Not Collectible Status "53" cases.

PitBull Tax Software will even will assist you in your Innocent Spouse resolutions and Trust Fund Recovery Penalty defenses!

Quote Fees With Confidence

Picture of the Fee Calculator tool

Take the guesswork and stress out of answering the question "What are your fees?" Be competitive with other practitioners and still earn lucrative representation fees with the PitBullTax Fee Calculator. Just answer a few basic questions and the Fee Calculator automatically calculates the range of fees other practitioners are currently charging for solving IRS tax problems. You can also easily customize each service with your own range of fees.

Know the exact rules IRS Collection Personnel must follow!

PitBullTax's built in Searchable Internal Revenue Manual puts you firmly in command of IRS collection procedures. No more guesswork or misinformation.

Spend Less Time with Forms and More Time Meeting with New Resolution Clients

All IRS collection resolution forms from the Power of Attorney to Appeals Requests and everything in between including supporting schedules are professionally prepared and ready for signature. Additionally, for quick reference, all actual IRS instructions and publications are just a click away.


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