Optional Features

Picture representing how the IRS Transcripts delivery works.

IRS Transcripts Delivery and Reporting with Daily Alerts

This must-have tool allows you to easily obtain unlimited IRS Transcripts for multiple clients utilizing your IRS e-services account and import them directly into PitBullTax Software. The application will instantly analyze transcript data and create easy-to-read and concise reports for a variety of purposes, including: Current Tax Liabilities, Penalties & Interest, Filed/Unfiled Tax Returns, Federal Tax Liens, Collection Status, estimated Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) Calculations, estimated Earliest Dates for Bankruptcy Dischargeability, First Time Penalty Abatement Eligibility, Account Transcript Summary and Payment Summary. Transcripts Reports are generated in just a few minutes, and can be branded with your own logo and further customized to address your firm’s needs! The transcript data will be seamlessly integrated into each client’s profile, various software tools and applicable IRS Forms. You can even print out or email detailed Transcripts Reports and Analyses to your clients, and be a hero in their eyes!

But that’s not all. PitBullTax has taken IRS Transcripts Delivery and Reporting to the next level by supercharging it with Automatic Daily Alerts. Obtain automatic email/system notifications of important changes affecting your clients’ accounts even before the IRS places the notices in the mail! You’ll receive automatic alerts regarding filed/rejected/accepted Offers in Compromise, Bankruptcy filings, FTLs (Federal Tax Liens), Levies, Tax Court Petitions, and much, much more. Now you can even customize exactly the changes you want to be alerted on with our new customizable alerts feature. And with version 4.0 you can also request transcripts, schedule alerts, transcripts and CAF checks in bulk for all or some of your clients at a time.

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Case Management and Billing

Control your entire resolution practice. This option has the following features:

  • Sales dashboard and key analytics
  • Calendar events scheduling synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Case tracking & progress including the generation of case reports
  • Time Tracking & Timer function directly integrated with invoicing for those who bill hourly
  • Assignment of To Do's between users with email and pop-up reminders
  • Client list import and export from/to Excel
  • Recurring transactions automation
  • Billing interface including invoices, payments, credits, export to QuickBooks and generation of billing reports

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State POAs

In addition to creating federal tax resolution forms, you can now create State Power of Attorney forms as well. Choose a package of any 3 states that you most frequently work with, and, if necessary, more states can be added as well.

Screenshot of the scenario simulator. It helps you work faster and more efficiently.

Scenario Simulator

With this powerful tax-planning tool, you can create multiple scenarios for the same client. You will be able to copy already created client forms and records and apply different scenarios until you determine the best resolution. You can produce unlimited client scenarios with all the forms completed up to date. The scenario comparison chart is provided as a one page outline of the various resolution outcomes you create in an easy view at-a-glance format.

Payment Processing

With this optional feature, you can schedule and process your clients' payments directly through PitBullTax Software using your existing merchant account, utilizing any of these three gateways: Authorize.Net, PayPal or PCI Payment Solutions. Unable to collect your full fee up front? No problem, utilize the scheduling feature of Payment Processing and streamline your accounts receivable process. You can create regular and recurring invoices and schedule payments, and have processed payments applied automatically to corresponding invoices. Acceptable payment methods are: Debit/Credit cards and Electronic Checks/ACH transactions.

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PitBullTax allows you to use your own logo in your account… your reports… your everything.

White Labeling

This feature was designed for those who want to apply their own branding and identity to PitBullTax Software. All PitBullTax references will be removed, and replaced with your company's logo and unique URL with your domain name.

Picture representing Client Registration API

PitBullTax API (Application Programming Interface)

Connections Made Easy

The PitBullTax API (Application Programming interface) makes it possible to connect your account with other software systems across the internet in a simple and straightforward way. The API supports a push mechanism that allows lead providers to transmit lead data from their lead generation tools (e.g. online submission forms) to PitBullTax Software and create Prospects and/or Clients in real time.