Case Management and Billing

Control your clients’ cases and track your billing situation. Supplement it with the Payment Processing add-on and you will also be able to charge your fees through the software.

Create and manage your client’s cases

Through this tool you will be able to manage and follow up your client’s case by adding events, activities and To Do’s to your client’s tax resolution process.

Zoom Meetings Integration

Schedule Zoom Meetings with your clients to address related topics in the tax resolution process.

Organize your schedule with our integrated calendar

Synchronize your calendar and To Do’s with Microsoft Outlook to stay in complete control of your workflow.

Record tasks and activities for your clients

In order to keep a detailed control of the process, you are allowed to record tasks and activities and they are able to be billed.

Track the amount of time spent in activities

If you need to account for the time, it has taken you to solve the case, Case Tracking will help you to keep track of the exact amount of time.