Optional Features

Case Management and Billing

Control your entire resolution practice. This option has the following features:
  • Sales dashboard and key analytics
  • Calendar events scheduling synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Case tracking & progress including the generation of case reports
  • Time Tracking & Timer function directly integrated with invoicing for those who bill hourly
  • Assignment of To Do's between users with email and pop-up reminders
  • Client list import and export from/to Excel
  • Recurring transactions automation
  • Billing interface including invoices, payments, credits, export to QuickBooks and generation of billing reports

Sales Dashboard and Monitoring of Cases
Get an overview of your sales and payments at-a-glance for any period of time. See how your sales force is performing and monitor the status of all your cases.

Calendar Events Scheduling synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
Never miss an important deadline again. Create calendar events for all your meetings, things to do and those 30-day and 90-day statutory critical dates. Synchronize your calendar, clients and tasks with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar to stay in complete control of your workflow, even if you are not logged to PitBullTax Software.

Case Tracking & Progress including generation of case reports
Track your cases and review case notes easily. Generate various case reports, print them out or export to .csv file.

Time Tracking & Timer function directly integrated with invoicing
Accurately track time spent on all your cases using the time tracking and/or timer-stopwatch feature that's seamlessly integrated with the billing module for billable hour invoicing.

Assignment of Tasks and To Do Lists between users with email and pop-up reminders
Assign tasks between your staff members to work on a case more efficiently. Create your own to do list and set up reminders.

Clients Import and Export
Import and export your clients' data into / from PitBullTax Software with our easy-to-use tool and save time on time-consuming and tedious work.

Billing interface including invoices, payment and credits with export to QuickBooks
Make PitBullTax Software the all-in-one solution for your firm and create invoices directly in the software, email them to your clients or print out with your company's logo. Apply payments and credits and generate multiple billing reports. Export all invoices, payments and credits to .csv or IIF (QuickBooks ready) files.

Recurring Transactions Automation
Create recurring invoices with different time schedules, increase cash flow and simplify your billing personnel's life. Receive email reminders every time a recurring invoice is created.

Documents Management with multiple files upload capabilities
Upload your client's data into designated folders and have it at your fingertips anywhere you work. Browse and add or drag and drop multiple files simultaneously in Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats.