Never before in history have so many people owed the IRS such staggering amounts of taxes. They need help now and are willing to pay sizeable fees to alleviate their pain! If you are a CPA, Enrolled Agent or a Tax Attorney you can represent clients before the IRS and help them settle their liabilities by means of different instruments, such as an OIC (Offer in Compromise), Installment Agreement, Innocent or Injured Spouse Defense, Collection Appeal, CDP (Collection Due Process) etc.

The most attractive instrument of it all is an Offer in Compromise, because it is sometimes possible to wipe your client's tax slate clean at an enormous discount. It does have few pros and cons though. A chance of writing off tax liability from let's say $50,000 to a few hundreds of dollars is there, however it also involves a risk of disclosing all your assets information to the IRS. And let me tell you, IRS machine does not sleep. If you submit an offer and it is rejected, make sure you let your client know to expect a knock on the door real soon. Another pitfall of an OIC is that only about 15-20% of the submitted offers are getting accepted by the IRS. So what do you do to get into these 15-20%? You use not only your brain cells, but also engage a software that provides analysis, diagnoses IRS tax problem of your client, evaluates if your client is a candidate for an offer and then helps you in preparing all necessary forms.

Recent survey shows that most representatives in the United States still prepare OIC and other resolution cases manually, that is, literally, using brain, pencil and calculator. It takes a lot of time to prepare a successful case and back up your rationale with all necessary documentation. So why not to use a cloud computing software which lets you automate the process and save you tons of time and money? Well, until just recently there was no such software developed for tax resolution representatives. Fortunately enough it was just until recently.

This new software was developed specifically for CPAs, EAs and Tax Attorneys, i.e. for privileged group of professionals authorized to represent clients before the IRS. This software has tools to evaluate your client's eligibility for an offer in compromise, analyze the case and find the best resolution approach, estimate how much to charge for a resolution case. Besides the software prepares all necessary resolution forms, like 433-A, 433-B, 656 and 20 other forms. The calculation process is automated completely, all formulas are built-in and results updated on-the-fly once you change values. Throughout the whole process you can find tips, suggestions and advices on how to better answer questions on the IRS Forms. There is no need to create supplementary schedules any more, the software does it for you. Besides, you can annex any additional notes to every single line on the IRS Form and these notes will be printed and attached to your case. There are much more to discover about this cutting-edge revolutionary software.

It is called PitBullTax Software. And you may find more information about it here This is it! The secret to earning lucrative IRS Collection Resolutions fees.

PITBULLTAX is revolutionary web-based software designed for CPAs, Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and other tax professionals involved in IRS Tax Resolutions. PitBullTax Software has been developed by a dedicated team of professionals with over 100 years of combined successful IRS collection resolution and information technology applications experience. The knowledge obtained over the years has been embedded in the software´s DNA to provide the best possible resolution for each IRS collection case.

Posted at 09/28/2010 09:40:22 PM