Why the IRS Collection Division never wanted you to know about PitBullTax!

Simple. Because PitBullTax unleashes the power to put you, the practitioner, firmly in control when your clients owe the IRS. PitBullTax Software gives you the tools, knowledge and support to gain more control over your client's cases. Amazingly, IRS complex collection rules become significantly less intimidating when you're in control. Pit Bulls don't get kicked around ! And as a member of the PitBullTax community, neither will you!

Tax Representative works with PitBullTax Software

With PitBullTax resolution software you have access to the collective experience and synergy of the entire IRS representation community. That's power!

Power that translates into success. Success in both increased fees and mastering the art of obtaining dramatic settlements and resolutions for your clients. Which in turn produces more referrals, more "bragging rights", and you guessed it... more representation fees. Specifically designed for Attorneys, CPAs , and Enrolled Agents PitBullTax is ground zero for IRS Collections Representation. And fortunately you have arrived.

Ready to be in control of your cases? Ready to Bite Back?

Well then... Welcome to the Pack... Welcome to PitBullTax!

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