Make more business with PitBullTax Software

According to the IRS Data Book, during 2021, the Internal Revenue Service...

  • Received 49,285 Offers in Compromise
  • Filed for 212,251 federal Liens
  • Carried out 305,610 Levy requests; and
  • Established 2'361,646 Installment Agreements

...Collecting 92,627'815,000 dollars in back taxes. 53.55% more than what it did in 2020!

Tax resolution is business!

Just ask yourself what indebted American citizen would not happily pay a few thousand dollars to stop the IRS from breathing down their neck. Would you not, if you were them?

Start working this situation to your advantage.

Acquire PitBullTax and get:

  • A clear step-by-step procedure on how to work tax resolution cases
  • Tools to gather information from indebted taxpayers fast and securely
  • Tools to assess the case and find the best solution for your client's problem, plus countless tips and tricks throughout the application
  • A searchable copy of the Internal Revenue Manual so you can clear any doubt
  • All the forms you will need to start a representation, pre-populated with your client's information to save you time
  • Extra tools to manage the whole tax resolution business of your accounting practice on PitBullTax, including, among others:
    Your own tax resolution Client Portal
    An IRS transcripts requests tool*
    Tools to invoice and charge your fees*
    The ability to white-label everything*
    Tax resolution training several times a year**

PitBullTax has been battle-tested for over a decade in myriads of tax resolution cases.

You just cannot miss with PitBullTax.

* Add-on required
** Some training is free, some requires payment