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Q:  Q: How many users can I have?
A:  A: For the 1 time use and single-user license, you can only have one user accessing the system at a time. For the multi-user license, you can have 3, 5, 10, 20 and more users.
Q:  Q: How do I set up new users?
A:  A: For a 1-Time Use or Single-User License, when you sign up you will be creating your user profile during checkout. For the multi-user license, you will have a primary admin user who will then be able to create additional sub-users. The amount of sub-users will be based on the multi-user license that was purchased.
Q:  Q: How many different users can login to the software? Simultaneously?
A:  A: If you have Multi-User license all users under the same license can login simultaneously. If you have a Single-User or 1-Time Use License only 1 person can login at a time.
Q:  Q: Can multiple users access one login?
A:  A: Yes, multiple users can access one login, but not at the same time. Only one user is allowed access per login session.
Q:  Q: Can I load the software onto my computer?
A:  A: No, this is a web-based software, which means that the program and database are accessible from an internet browser on your computer, but stored on our servers.
Q:  Q: Can I use the software on any computer?
A:  A: Yes, you can use PitBullTax Software on any computer with Internet access and Adobe Reader installed.
Q:  Q: Can I install the software on my server?
A:  A: No, we store the program on our server in order to provide the necessary encryption and security to the software and the confidential client data.
Q:  Q: What are the system requirements for your software?
A:  A: All that is required is a standard, broadband internet connection, a commonly used browser, such as: Internet Explorer (9 and above), Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera and Adobe Reader installed on your PC or Mac.
Q:  Q: What browsers are supported on PitBullTax software?
A:  A: Our software is supported by all commonly used browsers, including Internet Explorer (9 and above), Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.
Q:  Q: How can I back up my data on PitBullTax?
A:  A: Your data is automatically backed up by our firewall protected servers using 128 bit SSL encryption technology.

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