New IRS Transcript Delivery tool will make tax professionals' life easier and more efficient

In October 2015 PitBullTax Software added a new tool in its arsenal for tax resolution professionals, IRS Transcript Delivery and Reporting. It was one of the most revolutionary improvements PitBullTax Software made since its launch in 2010. The major benefit of this tool is that it allows a tax professional to manage more cases in the least amount of time possible, while making the process more efficient and stress free.

How IRS Transcript Delivery & Reporting works

Using this new feature you can deliver clients' transcripts directly into PitBullTax Software utilizing your IRS e-services account and PitBullTax proprietary technology. Once delivered, the transcript data is automatically analyzed, providing you with a complete set of reports that are easy to read and understand, even by an inexperienced taxpayer. The reports include all necessary data a tax resolution professional needs in order to have a complete picture of taxpayer's case, like:

  • Current Tax Liabilities
  • Penalties & Interest
  • Filed/Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Federal Tax Lien Indicators
  • Collection Status
  • Compliance data
  • Estimated Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) Calculations
  • First Time Penalty Abatement Eligibility
  • Civil Penalty Assessments
  • Payroll Liabilities, and much-much more.

What took hours of manual labor before is now completely automated and done in just a few minutes. And as for the tax professional… their time was mostly spent drinking a cup of Joe or checking social media while waiting for the reports.

The reports can be customized with your own logo and contact details, and emailed to clients, as if you spent hours preparing them. And more importantly, the data from transcripts is integrated into PitBullTax Software, saving you time later on data entry.

PitBullTax' vision into the future

As if the tool itself weren't enough, the IRS Transcripts Delivery & Reporting now also includes Automatic Daily Alerts on most important changes that might affect your clients' accounts.

Have you ever wanted to foresee the future? With this tool you can! You will receive email notifications weeks before the IRS sends you their notice in the mail! How cool to know weeks in advance if a client is going to be audited, or if their Offer in Compromise was accepted, or even if there is a final notice of intent to levy coming their way? Do you see the potential for a proactive resolution?

You can choose to receive alerts daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the urgency of the client's case. Needless to say, this innovation will contribute to a quick and efficient response to any of your clients' cases, allowing you to be at the forefront of the tax practice; knowing you will be constantly updated and, thus, able to foresee possible issues and expedite solutions to your clients' cases.

Once again, PitBullTax makes you the go-to expert and provides you with all the tools you need to successfully resolve your clients' cases. Definitely makes your life easier, doesn't it?

Posted at 03/10/2016 07:14:50 PM