10/19/2010 05:09:37 PM

PitBullTax Software has added another IRS Form to the list of forms prepared in the software: Form 13711 Request for Offer in Compromise. The latest revision of this form is June 2009.

Use Form 13711 if you would like to appeal previously submitted Offer in Compromise and you disagree with the ruling of the IRS officers or some specific items.

The Form 13711 provides a place for 3 disagreed items; however, you can add an unlimited number of disagreed items using PitBullTax Software. Also the explanation of a reason for disagreement can be extended up to 1 page of text for each item. The overflow will be printed in the Supplementary Schedule to the Form 13711.

You can find Form 13711 in the PitBullTax Index, Data Entry and Forms menu under the "Offer in Compromise" section. 

Posted at 11/18/2010 05:47:13 PM