During the 1st month of 2011, PitBullTax Software released additional enhancements to the application, one of which is a comprehensive User Permissions module. This module allows administrators of multi-user licenses to set up time, content, and client permissions for each user under their account. You will now be able to easily control when your staff members use the software, which part of the application is accessible to them, and even which clients they can work with. And moreover, each license can allow multiple users with administrator privileges.

In response to changing regulations taking effect in some states related to the transmission of sensitive client information via email, PitBullTax Software has stepped up its security procedures for email correspondence, because the safety and security of your clients' information is of the utmost importance to us. Now, any IRS form sent out directly from the software is password protected, requiring a client to enter the last 4 digits of their SSN or EIN in order to open the document.

In February 2011, PitBullTax Software users probably noticed the new interface for adding and managing clients. Now all information for a client is displayed in one convenient place with the ability to enter additional notes and IRS liability amounts, set up a client priority, and assign a representative to the client. For users with the new CRM/AR feature, it also allows for opening new client cases, and saving credit card and ACH information for payment processing purposes.

In the Client Relationship Management and Accounts Receivable module, several billing reports have been added in order to track sales statistics for each sales representative. For those who acquired the P3 feature, PitBullTax Payment Processing, the application now has the ability to create recurring payment schedules and charge a client's credit card or bank account automatically. These important changes make running a tax resolution business much more efficient and effortless.

To address the needs of our attorney / lawyer target group, PitBullTax Software now allows the uploading of WordPerfect files (.wpd) in addition to the existing formats of PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

In February 2011, the software released new revisions of Forms 8379 and 4506-T, which were recently updated by the IRS. And by the end of February PitBullTax Software will launch a new IRS form, the Form 843 Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement. Since almost every collection case has a substantial penalties track, including this new form to the existing list of 23 IRS forms will assist our users to resolve such cases more efficiently.

Posted at 02/24/2011 11:17:36 AM