The Best IRS Resolution Software Just Got Better!

PitBullTax Software just launched its extensive Clients Relationship Management and Accounts Receivable Modules (CRM/AR), two long-awaited enhancements of the software. Features included in the CRM/AR optional modules are:

  • Sales Dashboard and Monitoring of Cases

    Get an overview of your sales and payments at-a-glance for any period of time. See how your sales force is performing and monitor the status of all your cases.
  • Calendar Events Scheduling synchronized with Microsoft Outlook

    Never miss an important deadline again. Create calendar events for all your meetings, things to do and those 30-day and 90-day statutory critical dates. Synchronize your calendar, clients and tasks with Microsoft Outlook to stay on top, even if you are not logged to PitBullTax Software.
  • Case Tracking & Progress including generation of case reports

    Track your cases and review case notes easily. Generate various case reports, print them out or export to a comma delimited (csv) file.
  • Assignment of Tasks and To Do Lists between users with email and pop-up reminders

    Assign tasks between your staff members to work on a case more efficiently. Create your own to do list and set up reminders.
  • Clients Import and Export

    Import and export your clients’ data into/from PitBullTax Software with our easy-to-use tool and save time on time-consuming and tedious work.
  • Billing interface including invoices, payment and credits with export to QuickBooks

    Make PitBullTax Software the all-in-one solution for your firm and create invoices directly in the software, email them to your clients or print out with your company’s logo. Apply payments and credits and generate multiple billing reports. Export all invoices, payments and credits to comma delimited (csv) or IIF (QuickBooks ready) files.
  • Recurring Transactions Automation

    Create recurring invoices with different time schedules, increase cash flow and simplify your accountant’s life. Receive email reminders every time a recurring invoice is created.
  • Documents Management with multiple files upload capabilities

    Upload your client’s data in one designated folder and have it at your fingertips anywhere you work. Up to 5 files can be uploaded simultaneously in Word, Excel or PDF format.

The price of this optional CRM/AR add-on is only $99 per user per year, or $9.99 per user per month if you are on a monthly payment plan. If you purchased your annual license let's say 4 months ago and now you would like to add this additional feature, you will only pay the price prorated for the 8 months remaining until the renewal of your PitBullTax license (prorated price will be shown on the Step 3 of the checkout).

To purchase the CRM/AR add-on for an existing license, please login to your PitBullTax software account, click on "My Account" link in the top right corner of the software pages, then go to "Licenses" tab, click on "Buy Add-ons" button and follow the instructions. If you need assistance with add-on purchase, you can always call our customer service representatives toll-free at 1-877-474-8285 9am – 6pm EST.

If you have a Single-User License, the add-on will be automatically added to your license once we process your order. If you have a Multi-User License, the add-on will be automatically applied to the Administrator account. If an add-on is purchased, for example, for 2 out of 3 users and you don’t want the Administrator to have this feature, simply login to the software, go to “My Account” and under the “Profile” tab uncheck the box with this add-on for the Administrator. To apply the add-on to other users, select the user in the “Users” tab, click the “Edit Selected” button and in the 1st line of the opened pop-up window check the box with the add-on name.

Once you purchase the CRM/AR add-on, the “Communication Center” section of your license will be upgraded with 6 additional tabs: Dashboard, Clients, Calendar, To Do, Case Tracking and Billing.

Start 2011 off right! Purchase today and you will wonder how you ever got along without these amazing practice management tools. CRM/AR add-on is not available for 1-Time Use licenses.

Posted at 01/03/2011 07:34:18 PM