Testimonial I feel so comfortable using PitBullTax Software. The time savings and accuracy is fabulous. After 44 years in the business I finally have the right tool. My rep Bob always answers his phone and is there to support me. Thanks Bob.

J A Corvino,

Testimonial I am a Florida Board Certified Tax Attorney and have been practicing tax resolution in excess of 44 years. I have found that Pitbull is the best tool to use to streamline the preparation of financial statements to present to the Internal Revenue Service for Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements or to have a client declared Currently Not Collectable. The user friendly network version allows my Professional Assistant to enter financial data, which frees up my time to deal directly with the Internal Revenue Service. I would recommend this product to anyone who renders tax resolution services.

Larry V. Bishins, Esq. Board Certified Tax Attorney, FL

Testimonial Pitbull tax saves a lot of time and money. It is like having an assistant to remind me about important dates and to input all of the data that I don’t want to. I can’t remember or do not want to remember how I got tax work done without it. Thank you Pitbull tax for making my job a little easier.

Richard Pew, EA, NTPI Fellow

Testimonial Pitbull tax has been a great investment. It saves me huge amounts of time. The customer service is fabulous and they are very knowledgeable in the Tax Resolution arena.

Eric Button, CPA, Attorney at Law

Testimonial I have been using Pit Bull Tax Software for about 1 & 1/2 years now. For anyone in the tax resolution business, this is quite simply, the must have software. This is everything you need all in one program. you can e mail clients a questionnaire, get it back by e mail, and everything is filled in for you in the program. You can order many years of transcripts through the program. Once everything is filled in, all you need to do is decide what your client is eligible for. The fact that you do not have to repeat data entry saves several hours of time. Also, their tech support is outstanding. Lastly, I would never give up my Pit Bull Tax Software. It's worth every penny you pay for it.

Joel E. Jacobson, EA, MBA Creative Accounting & Tax Services

Testimonial Pitbull has been my "top dog" tool in negotiating for successful results with the IRS. (IRS doesn't know what bites them). The updated features and knowledge-based news, coupled with their great support, is hands-down superior to other similar products. Thanks Bob, Irina & the whole Pitbull team for being at my side.

Ahlberg K. Auna, Tax Problem Solver, EA, NTPI Fellow

Testimonial I am very impressed with the new version of the PitBull software. Many of the features in the software have greatly streamlined my processes and have saved my clients hundreds of dollars in billable hours. In my work as a tax attorney, PitBull has helped me to gather and organize my clients’ tax data without having to use multiple programs. Because of the PitBull software processes, I am much more efficient in dealing with the IRS, keeping me one step ahead of the IRS revenue officers in negotiating on behalf of my clients.

Bill Van Dusen, Masters in Taxation, Longmont, Colorado

Testimonial Your software is AWESOME ! This makes solutions for tax problems like taking candy from a baby :) Thank you!

Gary A. Fox CPA, Taxpayer 911, Charleston, WV

Testimonial I am a recent purchaser of your PitBullTax software. I have been practicing for 5 years and had developed an Excel spread sheet to determine offers and offer amounts. Let it be said that I love what you've done! PitBullTax goes way beyond anything that I'd developed or had the time to develop!

Stephen Wiggs, Colorado Tax Solutions , Castle Rock, CO

Testimonial I am very new to this industry, and overwhelmed at times by the complexity of some cases. This PitbullTax software leaves no stone unturned, and points me in the right direction towards a successful result.

Kent P. Swain, Houston, TX

Testimonial I think PitBullTax Software is terrific and it is a wonderful tool when I went over the client situation.

Timothy Hald CPA, Austin, TX

Testimonial I have been very resistant to the growth of my small practice because there are intricate case details that need to be managed properly and knowledgeably. PitbullTax has really gone the extra mile to address some of the more complex elements, while at the same time making the software user-friendly for my less experienced staff. I can now delegate the simpler tasks, and focus on the crucial aspects of my cases. I fully expect to triple the size of my practice within the span of a year, and I owe it all to PitbullTax Software.

Michelle R. Green, Alexandria, VA

Testimonial I have tested your software and find the design very user friendly. Your software is evolving and will be the premier software for Tax Resolution Case work over the years. I am new to the tax resolution advocacy profession but find your software to be an essential tool to adequately represent the taxpayer. I have prepared taxes over the years but find PITBULL to be a necessary integration to provide a fully integrated professional tax service to the client. Thanks for development of your software. It provides the necessary intelligence to provide the client a professional advocacy representation.

Arthur Gutierrez, MicroTax, Riverside, CA

Testimonial As an IRS Revenue Officer in the past while working on one of the cases I received the best Form 433-A, Collection Information Statement, submitted by a representative on behalf of his client. It was very well organized, detailed and made my work so much easier. I have since retired from the IRS and use PitBullTax Software in my own tax practice.

Leonard Herman, Pennsylvania

Testimonial Your software helps me immensely by letting me know what the IRS expects...

Joe Cumley, EA

Testimonial I am very happy with the software. It has helped me a great deal in preparing cases

Wayne Cook, EA

Testimonial The program is great and I recommend it to anyone who has to deal with OIC

Charles L. McQuaid, CPA, EA

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