Software Features

PitBullTax Software is the ALL-IN-ONE web-based solution for preparing, handling, processing, organizing and tracking of IRS Tax Resolution cases. It is an invaluable tool for Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents, and any other tax professionals involved in IRS Collection Resolution.

PitBullTax Software has been created to streamline representatives’ work on all types of IRS Collection Resolutions, including but not limited to: Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Collection Due Process and Currently Not Collectible cases, Innocent and Injured Spouse Relief, Collection Appeal and Taxpayer Advocate Assistance cases. PitBullTax Software also boasts robust, full featured CRM/AR and payment processing modules, providing seamless integration from your initial contact straight through to your invoicing and billing departments. Executive and managerial staff can monitor all client-related activities, case statuses, critical dates, and most importantly, all incoming cash flow in a quick and efficient way.

The software has flow-through analytic and diagnostic logic embedded throughout the entire application, taking the guesswork out of case preparation towards a successful outcome. Supplementary schedules automatically prepared by the system save invaluable time and make case preparation a breeze. The software has built-in email templates for all necessary forms and administrative documents sent to a client, and in addition, IRS forms are password-protected to comply with electronic privacy regulations.

Listed below is an overview of some of the software features:

PitBullTax is the pro tax software you can use to determine client's eligibility for an Offer in Compromise.

Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier

"Evaluate on the fly" your client's eligibility for an offer in compromise based on doubt as to collectibility by utilizing the PE2 tool, PitBullTax Express Evaluation. Based on your client's financial information such as monthly income and expenses, number and age of family members, additional dependents etc., the software determines preliminary offer in compromise suitability and recommended payment options, including the initial payment (if required) as well as the monthly amount to be paid upon approval of the offer.

PitBullTax helps you determine the best IRS tax settlement option for your client.

Resolution Options Assessment

Analyze your client's case and discover the best solution for each client's tax situation by utilizing the PW2 tool, PitBullTax Workflow Wizard. This powerful tool consists of a set of 12 carefully sequenced comprehensive questions, which allow the professional representative to determine the best course of action for each client's individual set of circumstances. PW2 will then suggest the appropriate IRS Tax forms to be completed. Novices and pros alike will gain the competitive edge in securing the best possible outcome.

Calculate your professional fees with PitBullTax and stop guessing how much to charge for your tax resolution cases.

Professional Fee Calculator

Estimate the range of professional fees to charge for IRS representation of your client's case by utilizing the PF3 tool, PitBullTax Fast Fixed Fee Calculator. This tool answers the most common question asked by professional representatives: "How much should I charge for this case?" The PF3 includes an extensive list of services used in IRS collection resolution and the range of 'suggested' minimum and ideal fees for each of them. Intrinsic and psychological factors are also taken into consideration in calculating the resultant fees. Besides estimating professional fees PitBullTax Software has a built-in template for an Engagement Letter which can actually be prepared in less than 5 minutes. You can customize the Engagement Letter, enter your own firm's policies and/or required verbiage, fee structures and even get the letter returned by email with electronic signatures from your clients!

Fill in and prepare all your tax resolution cases forms (OiC included) comfortably with PitBullTax software.

User-Friendly Data Entry

Prepare and print out all necessary IRS resolution Forms and supplementary schedules without the need to tediously re-enter the same data over and over again. PitBullTax software never asks for the same information twice, once you, the representative, enter your client's details. All general information is pre-filled in all forms with the flexibility to override it, if necessary. This is also true for formula calculations which also flow from form to form. Up-to-date IRS forms with your input are neatly printed out together with all required Supplementary Schedules. When IRS releases Forms updates, you are not forced to re-enter the data. Currently PitBullTax Software supports the following IRS Forms: 433-A, 433-A (OIC), 433-B, 433-B (OIC), 433-F, 433-D, 656, 656-L, 13711, 8379, 8857, 12507, 12509, 12153, 9423, 9465, 9465-FS, 911, 843, 4180, 2848, 8821, 4506, 4506-T.

Learn the logic behind every tool on PitBullTax and use it to your own benefit.

Built-In Logic for All Calculations

Use comprehensive logic behind each and every Form, which foresees a majority of possible tax situations and captures all minor details to increase the probability of a successful outcome. The PitBullTax Data Entry section has the most comprehensive logic ever developed in this area. No detail is overlooked and the software has covered it all: from considering the impact of a non-liable of a spouse to taking into account shared monthly expenses with other non-liable persons; from calculating extra costs on quick sale of investments to including expense category items sometimes missed by the professional representative.

Professional tax software like PitBullTax must have a comprehensive communication center. You will love this one.

Full-Featured Communication Center

Save all client's correspondence and notes to any IRS Form and store related files in one place. PitBullTax software includes a comprehensive client Communication Center. Using this tool the professional representative can send emails to clients requesting documents and signatures with the added ability to request return of forms with electronic signatures. This tool also allows representative to store all files received from the client in one place, thus creating increased efficiency and organization.

A full log of all your professional tax resolution cases and their details included in the package.

History Log on User Activities

The software logs every step of the work created by the representative. You, the professional representative, can go back to the client's file and easily recall all the details of the case. PitBullTax software archives and timestamps the history of all actions by each representative on any client, from changing values in the client's income to updating the client's address; keeping you informed and up-to-date on each and every client file.

At PitBullTax you have a fully-searchable set of IRS manuals right at your fingertips.

Built-In IRM

Access one-of-a-kind searchable Internal Revenue Manual. At PitBullTax we developed an advanced search capability for the Internal Revenue Manual. So now YOU, the professional representative, can search any keyword or key phrase in the IRM with results that show them highlighted in the exact location of the relevant section. This provides for increased research efficiency and immediate access.

In addition PitBullTax offers you expert tips and suggestions. It's like having a flawless consultant working with you.

Expert tips and techniques

Access a huge knowledge base which includes basic to aggressive planning tips and techniques. Behind PitBullTax software there is a team of tax professionals with over 100-years experience in the tax collection resolution and programming areas. This team of professionals created numerous PitBullTax tips placed throughout the data entry forms. These tips give an expert perspective (or additional "set of eyes") to consider in regard to the area in question. Look for the PitBullTax "shaking head" symbol in the Data Entry section to locate a PitBullTax tip and click on it. Just an added feature to help you gain a competitive edge for a successful outcome.

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