Optional Features

PitBullTax e-Signature Integration with DocuSign®

PitBullTax Software is the official partner of DocuSign®, the world’s leader in providing e-Signature solutions to businesses around the globe. PitBullTax customers are able to request e-Signatures on any IRS/State Forms or Letters generated in the software, on any documents under Files/Client Portal as well as on any external documents. Customers can create templates for frequently used Forms/Letters. We’ve gone the extra mile and pinned most common fields like Name, Signature, Date and Title on ALL Forms and Letters generated in PitBullTax Software and also on e-File Authorization Forms (8879, 8879-S, 8879-C and 8879-PE), so that you don’t have to. PitBullTax Software e-Signature Integration with DocuSign® also delivers a Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) method known as ID check to ensure strong signer authentication. You will be able to add KBA on any e-Signature request you send from PitBullTax Software.