Administrative Techniques in a Recessionary Economy: CDP, IA, OIC, Innocent Spouse, and FOIA Requests

Compared to the agency that existed in the “good ole days" before “reorganization" [seems like just yesterday, doesn't it?], today we are dealing with a demoralized, centralized, mechanized, computerized, and very frustrated group of individuals who still work there.

Many feel impotent, unsure, and unhappy; many are just counting their days until they can retire – even early. Many veterans - some of whom were accustomed to (and capable of) making decisions have taken “early retirement" because they did not want to become “re-engineered" along with their jobs.

So who are we left with? In many cases, we find ourselves working with less-experienced employees who are often far away from us (geographically). Or, if local to us, often their group managers may be in other states, other timezones, and in some cases, even in other worlds! Read full presentation

Posted by PitBullTax Administrator at 11/18/2010 05:55:15 PM